Enlightened growth is about opening up your heart and mind to a fuller expression of who you are.    There is a dream or purpose written in each heart.

Life is not cruel.  Life doesn’t’ give us a dream or purpose without the means to live it.  Our job is to find and follow what’s in our hearts.

Enlightened growth is about loving yourself and expressing the greatness within.   It’s about freeing yourself to live the dream.  It is about removing the limitations and obstacles that hold you back.
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Enlightened Growth Center promotes personal growth and self awareness.   Awareness empowers us to change what does not serve us and act upon what does.  When we are empowered our lives and those around us are enriched.

Rev. Linda Holman-Konieczny is an Entrepreneur, Businesswoman, Spiritual Teacher, Minister, and served as President for three nonprofit organizations, receiving numerous awards for her work.

Linda is passionate about empowering people to live their dreams.  She teaches the science and principles of the mind and how to use them effectively.

What people are saying:


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. …. I thought the time given to individual sharing was very helpful to me and each person.


Appreciated the freedom of expression. Loved the process.


Thank you, Linda. I loved being in your group, it was inspiring, and thought provoking. Thank you so much for including me! Little by little I get through this, and you were definitely a huge help for me. I hope to see everyone again. I’ll call you when I return from New York, and we’ll get together.

Carolyn Yarnell

The way you held the meeting and the agenda you put together was amazing and really opened a door and shined a light on many things I was made aware of, really limited the abundance of solitude that I feel at times in my life. You found a group of wonderful, caring woman, that all needed guidance, a feeling of oneness and validation which you so wonderfully provided for us all. I found your Empowerment group fufillinh and POWERFUL! You’re a natural; you have a very kind and nurturing spirit. You have a very special gift to help and strenghten all mankind.




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